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Our Designs

Hi, I'm Amanda!  My husband and I having been designing and selling shirts (and other goodies :) ) for what seems like forever. Gaffren is exclusively designed, produced, photographed, and shipped from the beautiful Pacific Northwest by us, for you as a fashionable Christian. We are dedicated to offering trendy styles that are incredibly comfortable to wear, so you can look and feel great while wearing and sharing your faith.

LEGAL NOTE: We own the copyrights to all of our photography and designs that we create and/or have listed in our shop - past, present and future - as by US Copyright Law they are our intellectual property upon creation.  Any use of our designs, photography or other intellectual properties without our consent is strictly prohibited and enforceable by law. All information from gaffren.com including text, photos and artwork are the property of Gaffren and are protected under US Copyright Law. No portion of Gaffren's works or statements may be duplicated, downloaded, reproduced or altered in any way without prior explicit consent from Gaffren. 


Our Quality

When you wear apparel from Gaffren, you will be able to tell right away that we sell only the best fitting and softest clothing available. With 25+ years in the apparel industry, we know clothes. We are experts at sourcing out the trendiest styles and colors so you don't have to. We wear what we sell and only the finest garments make the cut and get added to our newest collections.

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Our Faith

My husband and I are born-again Christians and you can rest assured that our designs are true to God's Word. We use verses and references in-context and you won't find "Jesus" added to a secular phrase just because it's trendy or because it will sell more shirts. He is the Lord of lords, the King of kings -- He is THE great I AM. I love coffee and naps as much the next girl, but the name of Jesus is not a sales ploy to go along with the likes of coffee, naps, etc., and we don't use it as such. You are loved, redeemed and chosen by God and we celebrate that in our designs. Shop with us here at Gaffren and be inspired to wear & share your faith!